NEFA 16-plus  >> Automatic Demand Switch <<
Price: $270.00 CAD

Designed to eliminate Electric fields in sleeping areas


Sleeping areas are typically surrounded by a curtain of Electric Fields from live house wiring. The offending wiring is located inside the ceilings, walls and floors and is used to supply power to lights and receptacles in a particular room.

These wires constantly emit Electric Fields even when all loads are turned off. These Electric Fields can only be eliminated by shutting off the power at the source (ie. flipping off a breaker / removing a fuse). This is effective but not practical in most cases, so we came up with another solution. Our Automatic Demand Switch works by automatically shutting off the power at the breaker panel / fuse box, when there is no demand for it. The Automatic Demand Switch continually monitors the power requirements of the circuit and automatically restores power when necessary.

·          The NEFA16-plus must be installed by a licensed electrician according to the electrical code for each State or Province (USA / Canada)

·          Warning stickers for breaker panel and receptacles supplied and must be installed

Technical Data    
Operating Voltage:   110 V  AC
Continuous Load:   16 Amp, 7500VA max, Single Circuit
Power Consumption:   < 0.1 Watts
Size:   34 mm x 60 mm x 90 mm
Monitoring Voltage:   9 V DC
Sensitivity:   0 - 100 mA  adjustable. 0 mA = permanently “ ON “
Turn-On Delay:   4 sec
Turn-Off Delay:   0.1 sec
In Case of Failure:   Switch can be operated manually 
Control Lights:   Green = monitoring (9 V DC)  Red = load (110 V AC)
Mounting:   Separate electrical box beside the breaker panel
Warranty:   5 year manufacturers warranty

Optional Accessories    

Mounting Rail

Circuit Monitoring Light

Download: Demand Switch Installation Guide

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